Hello! My name is Oliver Eagle and I'm an 19 year old BSc Computer Science student currently studying at the Univesity of Hull!


American Football

Currently I play Defensive Tackle for the University of Hull's American Football team, the UHSharks. We currently play in the Division 1 Northern Conference North League. Last year we finished 4th in our league after a 4-0-4 season.


In addition to my university degree, I also program things in my spare time, these can be between silly websites like this or more fully featured programs/systems. I also attend as many gamejams or hackathons that I can, the most recent one being Digifest 2019.


With playing sports at university, the gym has become a larger part of my life, I am focusing on losing weight and gaining strength to perform better when I play. In the fall I am hoping to run a few 5/10k races.


From birth until moving to university in September 2018 I have lived in the northen city of Sheffield.


Since moving to university in September 2018, I have lived in the northern coastal city of Hull.